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Mobile Health Information Exchange & Blue Button® Applications

Today’s fragmented health care environment, with a persistent lack of interoperability between provider facing health IT systems, can benefit from user-friendly and easily deployable patient facing mobile health information exchange (HIE) solutions for immediate and secure patient-controlled access and exchange of key individual health information anytime and anywhere.

Capitalizing on the power of mobile computing and the Internet, Humetrix offers its Mobile Health Information Exchange (HIE) applications for immediate, patient-controlled, provider and patient access and exchange of electronic health records (EHRs).

The Humetrix Mobile HIE applications derive from Humetrix’ 15-year HIT development experience and Humetrix’ core technology for automated and secure access to individual on-line records using handheld mobile devices, such as smart phones, tablets, USB flash drives or smart cards. Patient-centered by design, Humetrix mobile applications also provide for ultimate patient control and individual privacy protection.

Humetrix Mobile Health HIE solutions are simple and intuitive to use as native phone apps or other mobile device based applications. With Humetrix mobile HIE solutions, users can automatically access online EHRs, receive them onto their mobile devices and share these EHRs at the point of care from the patient’s device to the provider’s mobile device, under the patient's direct control.

Humetrix mobile health technology optimizes the use of Blue Button® enabled websites whether Federal government patient portals (MyHealtheVet, MyMedicare.gov and TRICARE Online) or newly launched commercial portals (such as the RelayHealth or Aetna portals) for patient and provider easy and secure access and exchange of patient clinical summaries, under the patient's direct control. Easy, direct and secure access to electronic health records by informed citizens in control of their own health care, with the ability to share and exchange their health information with their physicians wherever they receive care, is indeed what the Blue Button strategy is all about.

Furthermore, Humetrix mobile applications have implemented the Blue Button+ and Direct standards to allow patients to receive onto their mobile devices EHRs transmitted to them by providers using Meaningful Use (MU) – Stage 2 certified EMR systems.

Humetrix Mobile HIE mobile applications are offered to public and private payers, provider systems and HIT vendors and directly to consumers through the iTunes and GooglePlay stores.

Humetrix Mobile HIE solutions are:

The multi-award winning iBlueButton® apps are a set of smart-phone and tablet Blue Button+ Direct enabled consumer and provider apps for patient-controlled automated Blue Button and other records access, download and transmission of EHRs between patients and providers. At the point of care, the Blue Button record transfer is done in real time by a secure proximity "push" from a patient's smart-phone or tablet to a provider’s iPad. iBlueButton also provides a complete set of other built in functions for a patient's immediate access to key health and self-care information. Learn More


The SOS QR app will help you be prepared and stay safe during an emergency, with unique features: an emergency record attached to a personal QR code that lets emergency responders quickly access your critical health information; and a one-touch SOS and OK buttons that alert your emergency contacts that you are either in need of help, or are ok. Learn More

The ICEBlueButton® app is an award winning consumer mobile app for immediate access to an ICE (In Case of Emergency) health record on the user’s mobile device. The Blue Button+ enabled app allows for the auto-fill of the ICE record medical data fields from Blue Button enabled EHRs, and the self-data entry of other data such as the user’s emergency contact person information. ICEBlueButton uniquely creates a personal QR (Quick Response) code which can be stored on the smart phone lock screen, be printed and placed on a child’s bicycle helmet or an elderly patient’s refrigerator door. A bystander or Emergency Personnel attending to the emergency can then scan the ICEBlueButton QR code and immediately retrieve the app user’s ICE record. Learn More

U-BeWell®is a patient-controlled portable application for automated, secure access and download of web-based health summaries, including Blue Button® records. It is a USB-based application in an ATM card form factor. At any point of care, U-BeWell provides immediate, practical access and exchange of clinical summaries generated in real time by one or several patient portals for optimum care coordination. Learn More

MyMedicalHomePage Logo
MyMedicalHomePage™ is a patient-controlled USB-based solution which provides direct access and login to several patient portals. It integrates “on the fly” patient health summary data (clinical summaries including Blue Button® downloads, last encounters, financial and insurance eligibility data) into a single web page for a physician to immediately view and use at any point of care. The automatically generated "MyMedicalHomePage" creates, in real-time, a virtual Medical Home in the cloud for optimum care coordination across multiple care settings. Learn More

"Blue Button", the Blue Button logo, and the slogan "Download My Data" are registered Service Marks of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), an agency of the United States Government and are used by permission of HHS.