Introducing Our New iOS/Android Cross-Platform Release of iBlueButton
February 18, 2013
By Bettina Experton MD, MPH, Humetrix President & CEO

Welcome to the new iBlueButton Blog. We’ll use this forum to address topics central to our mission of enabling a new model of mobile patient-centered healthcare and information exchange.

Today is exciting not only because it marks the launch of this blog and our updated website but also the release of a significant technology advance applied to our iBlueButton platform of apps. Several months in development, this new release makes our revolutionary health information exchange process available to millions of Android smartphone users. Now, for the first time, Android users of iBlueButton can join those using iOS devices in transmitting their medical records to the iBlueButton Professional app on their physician’s iPad.

With this release, we overcome data communication barriers between the two most popular mobile operating systems, which together accounted for 91 percent of all smartphones shipped in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Since iBlueButton was first introduced to the market last October, word has quickly spread that the app helps consumers better manage their own health and avoid medical errors while improving quality and helping to reduce healthcare costs. Our movement to empower a new model of patient-mediated information exchange received a jump-start when iBlueButton won the federal government’s Blue Button® Mash-Up Industry Innovation Challenge and received a personal endorsement from President Obama’s top healthcare IT official, Dr. Farzad Mostashari.

Now we’re excited that our latest release makes the award-winning apps even better by enabling millions more consumers to securely exchange health records and other clinical information with their physicians at the point of care, regardless of whether they use an iOS device or Android device.

Please take a moment to watch the videos below and look around this website to learn more about the many features and benefits of iBlueButton. And be sure to follow this blog to stay informed about Humetrix’s innovations to help drive the future of mobile healthcare, with safer and more cost-effective care for all.

Humetrix Founder and CEO Dr. Bettina Experton and SVP Wireless
Randy Ullrich explain what iBlueButton can do for patients and providers.
Humetrix Founder and CEO Dr. Bettina Experton and SVP Wireless
Randy Ullrich discuss the new iOS/Android app releases of iBlueButton.
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