Putting the Patient First at National Health IT Week
September 15, 2014
By Bettina Experton MD, MPH, Humetrix President & CEO

We at Humetrix are so excited to be part of National Health IT Week, kicking off today. We’re particularly interested in hearing from the distinguished speakers, at the Annual Consumer Health IT Summit, like Dr. Karen DeSalvo, the National Coordinator for HIT at the ONC and Sylvia Burwell, our new Secretary of HHS, as our country discusses the consumer’s role and rights in Health IT.

Today, patients are largely powerless when it comes to choosing the tool they would like to use to access and manage their electronic health records. In most cases, they must use the app or portal chosen by the hospital or clinic they visit, leaving them with multiple systems to login to and no consolidated view of their health history and current problems. Humetrix is leading a movement to speak out for consumers’ rights to use the tools they choose to best manage their health records and share their complete medical history with their doctors.

As part of this movement, we’ve joined forces with other healthcare leaders to ask policy makers for a new requirement that EMR vendors use the Blue Button Trust Bundles to allow patients to receive and use their various health records using the app they choose to consolidate, review, annotate and share their own medical history. Our partners in this effort include both patient facing organizations and companies offering PHR solutions:

Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure
Caring from a Distance
Center for Democracy and Technology
Get Real Health
National Association for Trusted Exchange
National Council for Behavioral Health
No More Clipboard
USAgainst Alzheimer's

As part of our activities at National Health IT Week, Humetrix and our partners have sent a letter to Karen DeSalvo asking the ONC to consider making the BlueButton Trust Bundles an EMR certification requirement. And we’re demonstrating our award-winning BlueButton mobile apps – iBlueButton and ICEBlueButton – at the Capitol Hill Steering Committee on Tele-Health and Healthcare Informatics HIT Showcase as well as the ACT-IAC Mobile Application Fair.

We look forward to lively discussion and important developments that continue to move us to a patient-centric view of Health IT. What better time and venue for this discussion than National Health IT Week?

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