Hello from Paris! Let’s talk about disaster preparedness at CES Unveiled Paris
October 22, 2014
By Bettina Experton MD, MPH, Humetrix President & CEO

This week, I am at the Consumer Electronics Association's CEO Summit in Paris, and Humetrix is exhibiting at CES Unveiled Paris. I’m very excited to be back in France, networking with leaders in the consumer electronics space, and advocating for the importance of mobile medical apps that help empower consumers to better manage their healthcare.

As part of our activities, we’re launching the French version of our newest app – SOS QR – at CES Unveiled. As we become more and more concerned about disaster preparedness and awareness of natural disasters rising globally, mobile solutions that help keep us safe and connected can really make a difference.

Timely response and immediate access to critical information are of utmost importance in an emergency situation. By allowing consumers to manage their own emergency health and contact information – including key medications or medical conditions – and making that information easily accessible to emergency responders, SOS QR ensures that the right medical decisions are made on the scene or at the hospital. In addition, the app allows anyone to call their loved ones for help and communicate their location with the touch of a button, a key feature in an emergency, when time is of the essence.

SOS QR allows anyone to easily create an emergency record on their smartphone and the app automatically generates a QR code that can be saved on the lock screen or printed on stickers or wallet cards. Users can also access an “SOS button" on their home screen, so they can let their emergency contacts know where they are and that they need help. If no further help is needed, or if the users want to reassure loved ones in a disaster scenario, the simple tap of an "OK button" will send a message stating that they are safe.

SOS QR is available now in English and French on the Apple App Store and will soon be available on Google Play. Humetrix has produced a video that shows how SOS QR works, inspired by the work of French comedian Rémi Gaillard.

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