At the NHS Innovation Expo EMIS Health Announces Revolutionary Patient Mobile Health Strategy
September 11, 2017
By Dr. Bettina Experton, MD, MPH
CEO of Humetrix

In Manchester for Day 1 of the NHS Health and Care Innovation Expo, I was thrilled to be part, with my Humetrix colleagues, of a major event organized by EMIS Health to announce their new patient EMIS App Library Powered by Our Mobile Health.

Humetrix CEO (Dr. Bettina Experton), EMIS Health Commercial Manager, Partnerships & Alliances (Bridie Oldroyd), Humetrix Director Europe (Marie-Laure de Varennes)

The EMIS App Library now includes 12 selected mobile health applications for patients to better manage their health and specific chronic care conditions. These apps have been selected by EMIS via a thorough selection process conducted by Our Mobile Health. Among them are the Humetrix TENSIO and SOS QR mobile platforms to help patients best address most common health conditions, monitor their health over time, and better coordinate their care with their clinicians.

The critical aspect of the EMIS App Library program is that it is offered to NHS GP practices for clinicians to prescribe to their patients for them to use. With 57% of NHS England GP practices, using EMIS Health EMRs, millions of NHS patients receiving care at 4275 GP practices will now be guided by their trusted doctors on which mobile health app to use to meet their specific health needs. Whether it is to monitor their hypertension or diabetes over time in between clinic visits, or be prepared for an emergency anywhere with critical health information in their hands, this patient empowering program capitalizes on mobile health innovation to transform healthcare at scale.

On September 21 -22, at the annual EMIS National User Group meeting in Nottingham, more than 400 leaders from GP practices using EMIS will further learn about the EMIS Health App Library. Starting in January 2018, these apps will be available for NHS patients for them to use.

This EMIS mobile health initiative is a long-awaited industry move that is truly putting the patient first while connecting them with their clinicians. It supports a real patient-doctor collaboration with the use of patient facing mobile technology - and at a population scale. As a public health physician turned health IT entrepreneur, I am looking forward to supporting this exciting initiative which has the potential to truly revolutionize the NHS, the world largest national healthcare system, and become a model for truly patient centered care everywhere.

EMIS Health CMO (Dr. Shaun O'Hanlon), Humetrix CEO (Dr. Bettina Experton), Our Mobile Health CEO (Julie Bretland) , Humetrix CMO (Dr. Chris Burrow)

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