iBlueButton: Mobility and Security All in One
April 4, 2013
By Stephen Mickelsen, Mobile Application Architect, Humetrix

When it comes to accessing your medical records anywhere in a secure way, few methods are more practical and safer than iBlueButton. Unlike an online personal health record, an iBlueButton record on your Apple or Android mobile device is always there at your fingertips. Once downloaded on your personal device, your records are securely stored with the same type of encryption technology the military uses.

To find out more, watch this video captured at the HIMSS13 Exhibition and Conference in New Orleans.

Another innovative mobility and security feature of iBlueButton is its novel device to device data exchange optical process we use to share health information between your phone or tablet and your healthcare provider’s iPad running the iBlueButton Professional app.

During a doctor’s visit, a patient using iBlueButton can "push" their records directly from their Android smartphone or iPhone to their physician’s iPad with a secure optical method based on QR code reading. When tapping on the app "Push" button, iBlueButton automatically generates a onetime QR code on the patient’s device, which then can be scanned by their physician using the iBlueButton Professional app. This single-use QR code mediates the transmission of the patient’s Blue Button or other health record. Physicians can then view the record directly on their device and share information back to their patients in the same way.

To hear more, watch this video:

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