Who Put the Mobile in "Mobile Apps"?
July 25, 2013
By Stephen Mickelsen, Mobile Application Architect, Humetrix

Everyone is talking about mobile apps – from kids to Boomers and everyone in between. But from the professional perspective, what does mobile really mean?

For most of us, mobile conjures up images of a small device in your pocket that, among other things, lets you access the internet or other electronic data. And while that is technically true, for those of us developing mobile apps for patients and caregivers the mobile phone can be so much more than simply a device that accesses data. It has to be.

iBlueButton, for example, allows the phone to communicate directly with Medicare – and the data that is collected actually lives on the phone. That’s a far cry from simply browsing mobile web pages. In fact, according to an article in Venture Beat, 80 percent of mobile time is spent in apps, rather than browsing the web.

From a health perspective, suddenly, your phone is as important and useful as a medical alert type bracelet used to be. Your entire medical history is accessible with a few clicks, and you don’t need an Internet connection to get to it. What’s more mobile than that?

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