Humetrix Introduces New iBlueButton® Enhancements to Support Caregivers

Version 5.0 of iBlueButton Lets Caregivers Manage Multiple Individual Accounts, Receive Updates to Their Medical Records All From Their Mobile Devices
iBlueButton Offering Free Multiple Profiles Until May 31

Orlando, February 24, 2014 - Humetrix is at HIMSS this week demonstrating version 5.0 of its signature iBlueButton app, enhanced with “caregiver” features that allow anyone to view, download and share with doctors their own medical records, as well as those of loved ones, all via their smartphone or tablet. Until now, there has been no easy way for consumers, many managing care for themselves as well as other family members, to easily manage multiple individual health records on their mobile devices.

iBlueButton is available as a free app for download from iTunes and Google Play later in March. From now though May 31, 2014 the ability to create multiple profiles will also be free. In June, new users of iBlueButton will have to pay a one-time fee of $1.99 via in-app purchase for each profile they create. The iBlueButton Professional iPad app is free for physicians to download. Once they share records with three patients, a one-time in-app purchase of $49.99 applies so that they may use it on an on-going basis.

Humetrix is in multiple locations at HIMSS: booth #8255 and in the Interoperability Showcase, booth 9001, with Cerner, ONC/NATE and the Veteran’s Administration, conducting live demonstrations of iBlueButton 5.0’s new features and showcasing the power of its real time interoperability play across MU-2 certified EMRs, HIEs or Blue Button records right on the user mobile’s device.

New enhancements to iBlueButton 5.0 are designed to support caregivers with new features that allow them to:

  • Conveniently manage multiple health records for themselves and family members;
  • Access medical records from more than one device;
  • Automatically aggregate health information contained in multiple health records;
  • Easily annotate your summary record or your family member record with self-entered information about allergies, over-the-counter or other medications, or additional medical conditions with an easy-to- select lists;
  • Mark data-specific summary record data as private, as well as change possible erroneous diagnosis or medication information received from providers;
  • Receive updated records from your doctor or hospital directly on your mobile devices for you and your loved ones (Blue Button+ and Direct Address enabled).

With iBlueButton, patients and their caregivers can download or receive their health records to their smartphone or tablet, consult them during a doctor’s appointment, and share the contents of individual records or the convenient record summary with the doctor they are seeing. This ensures that everyone – doctor and patient – is working with a complete view of the patient’s health history, empowers the patient, and reduces the risk of mistakes caused by having an incomplete picture of the medical history.

“Many of us find ourselves managing not only our own care, but also that of our parents, children or other loved ones,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, Humetrix’s CEO. “With the ability to now manage multiple individual records, iBlueButton 5.0 gives caregivers a powerful new tool to help them better manage their families’ health, right in the palm of their hands. With some sources estimating that there are 200,000 preventable deaths in the U.S. each year, many occurring as a result of incomplete medical information, the ability to consult and share data at the point of care can be a life-saving and often cost saving tool and puts the patient – and their caregivers – in control to truly transform healthcare.”

About Blue Button
Blue Button® is the name – and symbol – for a national movement to significantly improve our healthcare system, by putting patients in control of their medical records. Wherever you see the Blue Button symbol online, you can download or automatically receive updates of your health records on your computer or mobile app – so when you are meeting with any doctor, you have your own medical history, prescriptions, lab results, etc. at your fingertips. Blue Button has been adopted by over 500 public and private healthcare organizations to give Americans easy access to their online health records.

About iBlueButton
iBlueButton is an industry response to the federal Blue Button initiative to make electronic medical records available to everyone by leveraging technology to improve patient-provider exchange of information and quality of care. The iBlueButton app lets consumer download or receive their Blue Button health records from Medicare, VA, TRICARE Online, insurance plans and EMR patient portals directly to their Android or iOS smartphone and tablets.

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