Humetrix to Introduce AI-Powered International Health Communicator SOSQR® Global at CES

SOSQR Global translates medical terms into 20+ languages across 150+ countries, enabling instant health information sharing when accessing medical care abroad

Del Mar, CA, January 3, 2024 - Humetrix, a leader in digital health technologies, heads to CES 2024 to showcase its SOSQR® Global technology, an AI-powered international health communication platform that automatically translates medical terms into 20+ languages and provides equivalent medications across 150+ countries and regions, enabling the instant sharing of data between patients and healthcare providers throughout the world. Humetrix is exhibiting at CES, January 9-12, booth 8645, Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall.

SOSQR Global will be showcased on January 9, during the CES digital health panel Medicine Without Borders: Global Health Driven by AI with a video demo highlighting the use of SOSQR Global by travelers and health care providers worldwide.

SOSQR Global, an AI-powered cloud-based platform using edge computing, works with any mobile device. To use, simply share your SOSQR Global generated health information via a secure QR code with a physician or pharmacist around the globe. SOSQR Global displays on the phone of the doctor, nurse or pharmacist your current medications, drug allergies and important medical history in the native country's language and medical terminologies of the country you are visiting. SOSQR Global helps to avoid diagnostic and treatment delays and errors, ensuring the safe delivery of medical care for anyone traveling abroad.

Using SOSQR Global on your mobile phone allows for the secure sharing of your information and protects your privacy by storing your medical information only on your device, not in the cloud. It requires no special equipment or software from the health providers you visit, just their mobile phones.

"Not being able to readily communicate your healthcare information and your medical issues is a major barrier to receiving safe care when traveling abroad, and at times can be a matter of life and death," said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. "We developed the SOSQR Global platform in response to the healthcare needs of travelers and the increasing number of multinational employees and expatriates."

Whether you are attending a sporting event or concert, on vacation or working overseas, using SOSQR Global as a service provided by a global event organizer, an employer, a travel health insurance company or telecom provider, will provide you with peace of mind whenever you need medical care.

Humetrix CEO Dr. Bettina Experton will be speaking at the CES Digital Health Summit, Medicine Without Boarders: Global Health Driven by AI, on Tuesday, January 9, Las Vegas Convention Center, N250 4:00-4:40 pm. She is also participating in the EDGE24@CES conference panels, Digital Health and Patient-Centric Health Care, on Sunday, January 7 9:35-10:05 am and 1:30-2:40 pm at the Palms Hotel.

SOSQR Global is offered under license to the travel industry (airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, travel insurance companies), global event organizations (international sporting events and conventions, entertainment), telecom providers, mobile device manufacturers, and multinational companies with overseas workforces.

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Humetrix is a global digital health pioneer, offering AI-powered population health, mobile & cloud-based data exchange and analytics platforms for consumers and clinicians worldwide. The Humetrix Analytics Platform has also played a critical role in the mapping of the COVID-19 pandemic and in analyzing vaccine effectiveness in support of the federal government's response to the pandemic.

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