Humetrix to Participate in CES on the Hill
Set to Demonstrate mHealth Apps: Tensio™, iBlueButton, SOS QR;
Advocates for More Consumer Control in Healthcare

Washington, D.C., April 15, 2015 – Humetrix is participating at the Consumer Electronics Association’s (CEA) Sixth Annual CES on the Hill event this evening, showcasing its suite of mhealth apps that provide consumers with practical, usable tools that help them to exercise their legal rights to access their health records, and take a more active role in their own care. CES on the Hill takes place from 6:00 – 8:00pm at the Rayburn Office Building.

Humetrix will demonstrate:

Tensio™, an iPhone app enabled for the Apple Watch, is the first in a suite of chronic condition coaching apps, designed to help consumers manage high blood pressure;
iBlueButton, which allows anyone to view, download and transmit their health records at the point of care - despite the lack of interoperability between provider’s electronic health record system;
SOS QR, an emergency app that lets anyone call for help, and make their medical information and emergency contact details available in a disaster or emergency situation.

“Mobile technology is transforming healthcare by putting personal health information and medical knowledge in the hands of consumers” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. “While public and private entities are working to advance interoperability, consumers have a solution in their own hands now, using their own mobile devices, to make it happen. With the explosion of monitoring and tracking devices, they can also gather personal data about their health that can help their physicians better diagnose and treat them. With guided information now available to them, at their fingertips, consumers can become much more active participants in directing their own care.”

Tensio is the first in a suite of chronic condition coaching apps, which give consumers more control of their healthcare. In consultation with their physician, Tensio lets anyone with hypertension better manage blood pressure-related lifestyle factors and prescribed medications. Tensio integrates Apple HealthKit data from users’ monitoring devices, (blood pressure monitors and activity trackers), with other medical data, and then applies medical intelligence to generate individual iPhone and Apple Watch notifications. Tensio will be available for download on the iTunes App Store for use on iPhone 5 and above and the Apple Watch on April 24. Apple Watch users using Tensio will be able to receive personal notifications on their wrist as well as on their iPhone to best manage their hypertension.

With iBlueButton, patients and their caregivers can download or receive their health records to their smartphone or tablet, consult them during a doctor’s appointment, and share the contents of individual records or the convenient record summary with the doctor they are seeing. This ensures that everyone – doctor and patient – is working with a complete view of the patient’s health history, empowers the patient, and reduces the risk of mistakes caused by having an incomplete picture of the medical history. iBlueButton is the only application which can receive and aggregate records from DoD/ TRICARE, VA and Medicare.

SOS QR makes it easy to alert emergency contacts of your location and need for help with the touch of a button. And when you can’t call for help yourself, SOS QR makes it easy for EMTs, ER doctors, or Good Samaritans to immediately access your health information and send an automatic alert to your emergency contacts.

SOS QR, available in English, French and Spanish allows the user to change the language of the display as they travel and includes support for medications, conditions and immunizations. Available as a free download on Google Play and iTunes, SOS QR allows anyone to create an emergency record on their smartphone and generate a QR code that can be saved on the phone’s lock screen, or printed on stickers or wallet cards. With a $9.99 in-app purchase, users can also access an “SOS button" on their home screen and let emergency contacts know where they are and that they need help. If no further help is needed, or if the users want to reassure loved ones in a disaster scenario, the simple tap of an "OK button" will send a message stating that they are safe. SOS QR will also be available for use on the Apple Watch in May.

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