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TENSIO™ Taps HealthKit Data to Put Anyone with High Blood Pressure in Control

Latest App from Humetrix Set to Debut at Digital Health Summit at International CES

Del Mar, Calif., January 5, 2015 - Humetrix is set to introduce TENSIO™, the first in a suite of healthcare apps which aim to give consumers more control and better visibility into their medical conditions. TENSIO is designed for anyone who wants to measure the effects of lifestyle and prescribed medications on blood pressure. By integrating data from Apple HealthKit with the patient’s own medical records, TENSIO allows consumers to use their mobile device to track and review with their doctors how their medications, weight gain or loss, exercise level and diet affect their blood pressure. TENSIO will be on display in Humetrix booth 72937, Sands Expo at International CES 2015 in January, and will be available for iOS devices in the first quarter of 2015.

Developed by physicians specializing in internal medicine, nephrology and public health, with experience building award-winning consumer medical apps, TENSIO is the first in a suite of condition-specific apps to put wearable data into context with medical records and clinical guidelines. Armed with this information, consumers can actively manage their health and consult with their doctors to make smart decisions about treatment and self care. Humetrix will introduce apps for other common chronic conditions later this year.

“There is much more to gain from wearables than simply tracking fitness. Things start to get incredibly powerful when you leverage technology to help improve the lives of millions managing chronic health conditions,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, Humetrix’s CEO. “By integrating wearable data with a patient’s medical record history and experience with treatment, these devices become more than just a gadget for improving fitness. They become an important part of the tool kit that puts the consumer at the center of their caregiving team, informed with all the knowledge required to better manage their condition.”

TENSIO builds on the cross-platform capability of the Humetrix family of medical apps. This allows users with an iOS device to benefit from the convenience of auto-populating their TENSIO app with their selected medications and conditions tracked within other Humetrix apps: iBlueButton for self management of medical records; and SOS QR for emergency care and personal safety.

Dr. Experton will be participating in the panel Is Data Your New Doc? as part of the Digital Health Summit at International CES, taking place on Wednesday, January 7 at 1:30 pm, Venetian Level 2, Bellini Ballroom.

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