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Humetrix to Demonstrate Tensio™ mHealth App at CES Asia

Tensio Works With Apple’s HealthKit & Watch to Put Anyone with High Blood Pressure in Control

Shanghai, China, May 25, 2015 - At CES Asia this week Humetrix will demonstrate Tensio™, an mHealth app for the iPhone and Apple Watch that lets anyone with hypertension better manage their condition by monitoring their blood pressure, weight, physical activity, diet, and medications. Anyone can use Tensio in consultation with their doctor to help them control their blood pressure.

Hypertension affects millions of people worldwide. Monitoring your blood pressure, medications, diet, weight and exercise is key to hypertension management. Tensio assembles all of the information from your monitoring devices stored in Apple HealthKit, along with relevant medication and medical diagnoses to generate iPhone and Apple Watch notifications that help people better manage their condition. Apple Watch users using Tensio are able to access their blood pressure readings and other personal data, as well as receive personal notifications on their wrist and on their phone. Features include:

• Tensio lets you and your doctor set recommended targets for blood pressure, weight, activity, and dietary sodium and potassium intake;

• Set medication and blood pressure-monitoring reminders;

• Automatic import of data collected from Apple HealthKit-compatible digital monitoring devices (wireless blood pressure monitors, digital scales, and activity trackers);

• Automatic import of medications and conditions that affect blood pressure, from the Humetrix iBlueButton app;

• Easy self-entry of medications and medical conditions through pick lists;

• Sends alerts that advise of medications and diagnosed medical conditions that can affect your blood pressure;

• Receipt of notifications and glances on the Apple Watch, make it easy to be alerted without the need to open Tensio on your iPhone;

• Tensio is priced at $3.99 and can be downloaded at the App Store.

“There is much more to gain from mobile technology than simply tracking fitness. Things start to get incredibly powerful when you leverage technology and medical knowledge to help improve the lives of millions managing chronic medical conditions,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, Humetrix’s CEO. “By integrating self- monitoring device data with a patient’s medical history and personal experience with treatment, these devices become more than just a gadget for improving fitness. They become an important part of the tool kit that puts the consumer at the center of their care informed with all the knowledge required to better manage their health.”

Dr. Experton will participate as a panelist in the CES Asia conference session, What's New in Quantified Self? on Tuesday, May 26 at 2:30 pm, Kerry Hotel, Level 3, Pudong Ballroom 3.

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