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Humetrix Showcases SOS QR Emergency App at CES 2015

Global App Available in English, French and Spanish Automates Call for Help and Provides Emergency Access to
Health Records at Home or when Traveling Abroad

Las Vegas, January 5, 2015 - Now anyone can use their smartphone to be prepared and stay safe during an emergency or when disaster strikes. Humetrix, a leading provider of consumer medical apps, will showcase SOS QR, an emergency app available for iOS and Android devices, at the Digital Health Summit at International CES (booth 72937) this week. SOS QR makes it easy to alert emergency contacts of your location and need for help with the touch of a button. And when you can’t call for help yourself, SOS QR makes it easy for EMTs, ER doctors, or Good Samaritans to immediately access your health information and send an automatic alert to your emergency contacts.

SOS QR allows users to change the language of the record display as they travel to different regions of the world. SOS QR is available in English, French and Spanish and includes support for medications and immunizations available in the US, France and Spanish speaking countries (Latin and Central Americas and Spain). Support for additional languages and region-specific medical information listings will be added over the coming months.

SOS QR, available for download on Google Play and iTunes, allows anyone to easily create an emergency record on their smartphone and generate a QR code that can be saved on the lock screen or printed on stickers or wallet cards. Users can also access an “SOS button" on their home screen, so they can let their emergency contacts know where they are and that they need help. If no further help is needed, or if the users want to reassure loved ones in a disaster scenario, the simple tap of an "OK button" will send a message stating that they are safe.

In an emergency situation, medical personnel or attending bystanders can scan the SOS QR code on the phone’s lock screen (or printed on stickers, magnet or wallet card) with any broadly available QR code scanner and quickly learn if they have any medical conditions, drug allergies, or other pertinent medical information. In addition to providing critical information, when activated, SOS QR will automatically generate an "Email Auto-Alert" to the user’s’ emergency contacts, including a map of the location where the incident took place.

“Timely response and immediate access to critical information are of utmost importance in an emergency situation,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. “By allowing consumers to manage their own emergency health and contact information– including key medications or medical conditions – and making that information easily accessible to emergency responders, SOS QR ensures that the right medical decisions are made on the scene or at the hospital. In addition, the app allows anyone to call for help with the touch of a button, a key feature in an emergency, when time is of the essence.”

Humetrix offers complete integration and interaction between its family of medical apps, including iBlueButton for self-management of medical records; and TENSIO for managing high blood pressure. Now, iOS users can auto-populate their information in SOS QR from their current records in any other Humetrix app.

How SOS QR Works
SOS QR lets consumers easily enter the medical data and contact information they want to communicate in an emergency. Once the emergency record is created, the app generates a unique QR code and a 4-digit numerical code to unlock access to the individual emergency record after scanning of the QR code.

When the user presses the “SOS button" or the QR code is scanned, SOS QR automatically generates an email or text to the user’s emergency contacts, which includes the name of the person involved in the emergency and a map location of the emergency.

SOS QR is free to download with an "SOS Premium" in app purchase of $9.99 for use of the SOS and OK buttons and the Email Auto-Alert with geo-location feature.SOS Packs with stickers, magnets and wallet cards are available on the SOS QR Store for $24.99 (Standard SOS Pack) and $14.99 (Mini SOS Pack).

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