FCC Chairman’s Award for Advancements In Accessibility Honors SOS QR
Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Mobile Platform at M-Enabling Summit

Washington, D.C., June 13, 2016 - Humetrix, developer of the award-winning SOS QR emergency mobile platform, was honored as a recipient of the FCC Chairman’s Awards for Advancements in Accessibility (AAA). SOS QR was recognized as an important tool to help individuals with disabilities lead independent lives during a keynote address by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler at the M-Enabling Summit, taking place this week in Washington, D.C.

Available for iOS and Android devices and the Apple Watch, the SOS QR mobile application lets anyone create an emergency record that includes emergency contacts, medical conditions, medications and allergies, and makes it available via a QR code on the lock screen of the user’s device or on a wallet card or sticker. It is available in multiple languages English, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese, with automated translation of the user’s emergency information in the language of the emergency responder scanning the user’s QR code.

“All of us, regardless of ability, want to live full, independent lives,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. “For those living with physical or cognitive disabilities, SOS QR provides a way to call for help and communicate their emergency location via their own phone – and to make their medical and disability related needs known if they can’t speak for themselves or adequately communicate in an emergency situation. While SOS QR was designed for use by anyone, we are especially excited about its ability to support Americans with disabilities as they pursue their passions within their communities. We are grateful to Chairman Wheeler and the FCC for this wonderful recognition.”

As legislative milestones like ADA, IDEA and most recently, ABLE, continue to expand opportunities for people of all abilities, technologies like SOS QR, which support independence, show the transformative power of mobile communications technology. By making it easy to call for help and share critical personal information to receive prompt care in an emergency – SOS QR turns consumer mobile devices into mobile personal alert systems providing the security and accommodation that people of different abilities need to achieve greater independence – living on their own, getting to work, and participating in community activities.

About SOS QR
In an emergency or other situation when a user cannot speak for himself/herself, emergency responders or other healthcare personnel can scan the SOS QR code on the user’s smartphone lock screen or wallet card with any QR code scanner to quickly access their medical and specific disability information. In addition to providing critical information including names and telephone numbers of emergency contacts, scanning the user's QR code also automatically generates an "Email Auto-Alert" to emergency contacts, including a map of the location of the emergency.

SOS QR also features the ability to ask for help with a simple touch of the SOS button on the phone or Apple Watch and “check in” with loved ones via the OK button. The user just taps on SOS or OK button to let designated contacts know their status and call for help, if needed.

SOS QR, launched in 2015, is a mobile health platform that helps keep anyone safe wherever they are. SOS QR is a globalized and enhanced version of the ONC/HHS award winning emergency app ICEBlueButton, which was also one of the innovative technologies selected by the White House for its Disaster and Recovery Demo Day in July of 2014.

About Humetrix
Del Mar-based Humetrix offers a suite of mobile health platforms for consumers, providers, healthcare organizations, life sciences industries and government agencies around the world that empower anyone to take control of their healthcare decisions and improve patient provider communications. The company is committed to improving patient safety and enabling more cost effective healthcare.

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