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At CES, Humetrix Shows Technology to Help Consumers Drive Needed Healthcare Reform

Humetrix Mobile Health Platforms Empower Patients Around the World

Las Vegas, January 5, 2016 - The ever-increasing complexity of diagnostic testing and treatments, and the associated rising costs, are driving healthcare reforms around the globe. At CES, Humetrix will demo its suite of mobile health platforms that put consumers around the world in control of their own care. By offering actionable mobile solutions that address the complexity of accessing and understanding obscure medical data, Humetrix places decision-making tools in consumers’ own hands and on their own devices, where they can use it.

With a new Administration taking office this month in the U.S., and a changing political landscape in Europe, healthcare reform will be top-of-mind to reduce ever rising healthcare costs impeding economies around the globe. Consumer facing technology that empowers patients to actively participate in decision making over diagnostic and treatment choices will be leading the change.

Humetrix will showcase its award-winning mobile health platforms that are already delivering value to healthcare consumers in the U.S. and Europe, where new health policies and programs are putting consumers in greater control of their own care by empowering them with their own medical data. Humetrix will be in the Digital Health Summit at the Sands Expo in booth 43008, where attendees will see the following:

iBlueButton – Lets consumers access, integrate, review, understand and annotate one or multiple health records from their iOS or Android device in an immediately actionable format. For Veterans - who often seek care both within and outside the VA system; Medicaid or Medicare beneficiaries - who on average see seven different doctors per year; or anyone who wants to better manage their healthcare, iBlueButton makes it easy to assemble and share critical health data with any doctor they choose. iBlueButton is in use by government health plans in the US and Europe and will soon be launched within a large State Medicaid program.

SOS QR – Designed for emergency preparedness and to keep people safe, SOS QR is a globalized app that runs on Android and iOS phones and the Apple Watch and is available in multiple languages: English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Portuguese. It makes conditions, allergies and medications available to any emergency responder in the local language. It also features an “SOS Button” that users can easily press to alert emergency contacts with their GPS location in an emergency situation and an “OK Button” that they can press to let loved ones know they are safe in a disaster scenario.

TENSIO – Nearly 30 percent of adults have high blood pressure and TENSIO assembles their health monitoring device data and health record information, then uses embedded analytics to generate on going personal notifications that coach you to better manage your hypertension. In concert with your doctor, TENSIO guides you in a very personal way to manage your blood pressure with personalized notifications on your smartphone and Apple Watch regarding your medications, exercise, and diet and weight loss regimens.

SOS QR and TENSIO were selected by the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) to be used in the NHS Sheffield Region Test Bed to manage the health of patients with chronic conditions.

“By empowering people with their own health data and expert systems for decision making, we can improve patient safety and health outcomes, avoid medical errors due to a lack of patient information at the point of care, and reduce redundant testing and costs across healthcare systems,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. “Globally, we are seeing citizens and patients demand more transparency across every aspect of their lives – including their healthcare. The time has come to put consumers in control and move away from a provider-or payor-first to a patient-first mindset in healthcare.”

Dr. Bettina Experton will be participating in the panel “Digital Health Delivers: Power to the People”, as part of the Digital Health Summit at CES, taking place on Friday, January 6 at 2:45 pm, Venetian, Level 4, Lando 4303.

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