At CES on the Hill, iBlueButton from Humetrix Delivers Healthcare Cost Control by Giving Patients Their Own Portable Medical Record

iBlueButton Uses DIRECT Exchange on the Patient’s Mobile Device

Delivers Interoperability and Allows Patients to Better Manage Their Care

Washington, D.C. March 27, 2017 - Giving Americans access to affordable healthcare, by enabling consumer choice so anyone can receive the right care at the right price, is driving healthcare transformation. Facilitating information sharing, so that the patient’s health history is available at every point of care, is a prerequisite to improving care and reducing costs. At the Consumer Technology Association’s (CTA) Eighth Annual CES On The Hill, Humetrix will demonstrate iBlueButton, its mobile health platform that delivers on this requirement. CES on the Hill takes place on April 5 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm at the Rayburn Office Building.

Humetrix’s HHS/ONC multi-award winning iBlueButton mobile platform allows Americans to assemble their health records securely on their smartphones, using the DIRECT secure messaging capability of federally certified EMR systems or by pulling data from Medicare or Medicaid claims, VA, or DoD records. A solution to interoperability and healthcare waste, iBlueButton empowers constituents for successful reform by delivering the portable medical record component of what Members of Congress have coined a patient’s “healthcare back pack.”

iBlueButton capitalizes on today’s existing standard based EHR infrastructure and the power of novel mobile technology and gives Americans the ability to receive and assemble their medical record summaries securely on their smartphones. Because information is sent by the DIRECT secure messaging function of their providers’ EMRs, patients will not have to log into multiple patient portals to access disparate and incomplete records. iBlueButton solves today’s interoperability challenge by having consumers be their own data sharing agents by receiving and sharing records wherever they receive care.

“DIRECT secure messaging is a required component of all federally certified EMRs which now equip over 98 percent of hospitals and 78 percent of physician offices,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, Humetrix’s CEO. “Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price has referred to DIRECT as one of the successes coming out of our investment in Health IT. The time has come to leverage this existing infrastructure in combination with patient facing mobile applications to achieve electronic information sharing and improve care and the patient experience.

“iBlueButton provides an immediate solution to the lack of interoperability mainly due to business barriers preventing physicians and hospitals from exchanging their patients’ health records. By leveraging DIRECT within today’s EMR infrastructure, we can improve patient safety and also address the waste in healthcare – which today total up to 30 percent of total US healthcare expenditures– plaguing private and government plans, and taxing consumers with high out of pocket costs,” continued Dr. Experton.

About iBlueButton
The three-time HHS/ONC awardee of the Industry Innovation competition, iBlueButton is available for iOS and Android devices and allows millions of Americans and family caregivers to receive, update, store and share their health records, securely on their mobile devices. iBlueButton’s novel technology uniquely decodes, assembles and reformats Medicare or Medicaid health claims, and EMR summary records in real time on the user’s device so that users have in their hands their up to date medical history to share with their providers. iBlueButton is also the model for national deployments of mobile Blue Button initiatives now taking place in Europe.

With their medical history in their own hands, patients can take control, and reject redundant testing as well as protect themselves from dangerous medical errors which also drive up costs. With a mobile solution available on the citizen’s own mobile device, government can drive these efficiencies at-scale, while providing the level of transparency and control that citizens are demanding.

About Humetrix
Humetrix offers a suite of mobile health platforms for consumers, providers, healthcare organizations and government agencies around the world that empower anyone to take control of their healthcare decisions, improve patient provider communications and reduce health care costs. The company is committed to improving patient safety and enabling more cost-effective healthcare.

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