Humetrix Focuses on Patient-Mediated Data Exchange Applications for
Interoperability at ONC Direct Exchange Workshop, June 9 in Washington, DC

Washington, D.C., June 2, 2017 -At the ONC Direct Exchange Workshop on June 9th, Humetrix will champion the role of patients as the first line of defense for controlling rising healthcare costs, and improving clinical outcomes by being their own “interoperability agents” – sharing their e-health history with their various providers using their own mobile devices. Humetrix will participate in a session entitled “Using Direct for Consumer Mediated Exchange,” taking place at 1:45 p.m. During the session, Humetrix will demo the award-winning mobile health platform, iBlueButton, which enables patients to immediately receive, at any point of care, their summary health record from any federally certified EHR system using the Direct secure messaging protocol. In this demo, Humetrix will show the iBlueButton app both requesting and receiving a summary record from a Cerner EMR directly on a mobile device. Panelists include:

•  Aaron Seib, National Association for Trusted Exchange (NATE)
•  Deven McGraw, HHS Office for Civil Rights
•  Chris Burrow, Humetrix
•  Mike Warner, Cerner
•  Linda Van Horn, iShareMedical

As part of the demo, done in partnership with NATE and Cerner, Humetrix will show iBlueButton’s two-way communication technology using the DIRECT secure messaging protocol to receive or send an HL7 C-CDA Summary of Care Record seamlessly and securely via mobile device. iBlueButton also aggregates multiple C-CDAs and other structured health care records, such as Medicare or Medicaid claim records to create a longitudinal and actionable health summary that users can annotate, update, and share at any point of care.

“It has proven nearly impossible to address the interoperability challenges that are hampering health data exchange,” said Dr. Bettina Experton, CEO of Humetrix. “As a result, despite government and industry efforts, competitive business barriers and workflow issues continue to limit providers’ exchange of patients’ health records, often resulting in costly medical errors and redundant care. By leveraging both the existing DIRECT enabled EMR infrastructure and standard-based mobile technologies like iBlueButton that can receive EMR summaries via DIRECT, we can empower patients to enable health information exchange of their own data.”

iBlueButton is available for iOS and Android devices, and allows millions of Americans and their caregivers to receive, update, store and share their health records securely on their mobile devices. By providing patients mobile access and use of their own health records, whether these are EMR or claim-based, iBlueButton reduces the risk of medical errors and costly redundant tests resulting from an incomplete picture of the patient medical history.

About Humetrix:
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About iBlueButton
iBlueButton is a mobile platform winner of multiple industry award including three HHS/ONC Industry Innovation awards. iBlueButton enables millions of Americans to pull or receive their electronic health records (maintained by EMR systems, the VA, DoD/Tricare and Medicare or Medicaid claim systems) and aggregate them into an actionable summary record. Visit: iBlueButton

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