At CES Unveiled Paris Humetrix Will Showcase its User-Controlled AI-Powered Emergency Care Platform with Automated Medical Terminology Translation for Worldwide Use

Paris, October 3, 2022 - At CES Unveiled Paris, in the beautiful Palais Brongniart on October 10, Humetrix will showcase at booth 141 its AI-powered technology platform SOS QR which in case of an emergency uniquely provides immediate access to the critical information needed for effective care anywhere in the world.

The SOS QR platform combines the power of user-controlled mobile technology and cloud-based data transformation and analytics to decode, transform, and share user-selected individual health and emergency contact information with emergency responders, in their own language. SOS QR makes use of Quick Response (QR) code technology for user-controlled health data sharing based on Humetrix patented technology which was first released by Humetrix at an earlier CES Unveiled Paris.

SOS QR has received international recognition with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Chairman Award in the U.S., winning the NHS Test Bed Innovation competition, and has been recognized by the French CNIL for its privacy by design architecture. In the U.K., SOS QR can be prescribed by over 60% of General Practitioners (GPs) in England, and in partnership with IQVIA, SOS QR will also be offered by British pharmacists to patients suffering from chronic conditions, or severe allergies, or who are using specific medications (such as anticoagulants, insulin or anti-epileptics) which emergency responders need to be immediately made aware of.

More broadly, SOS QR can be used worldwide by anyone in preparation for and during an emergency, whether at home or when traveling abroad. Such an SOS QR emergency use case can be foreseen when during the Paris 2024 Olympics Games, visitors from around the world facing a medical emergency or accidental injury will need to share their important medical history to receive the most effective and diligent care.

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Humetrix has pioneered the development of innovative consumer-centered mobile health platforms and cloud-based analytics platforms for the past 12 years, which have been deployed around the world. More recently Humetrix ETL and Analytics platform has been playing a critical role in mapping the COVID-19 pandemic and analyzing the efficiency of COVID-19 vaccines in support of the American Federal government response to the pandemic. Humetrix is headquartered in Del Mar, California, with a subsidiary in the UK located in London.

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