SAN DIEGO, California – March 15, 2011

Humetrix, a San Diego based healthcare technology company, has been invited to demonstrate its mobile health technology at the Health 2.0 Spring Fling Conference to be held at the La Jolla Hilton Torrey Pines, March 21-22, 2011.

Dr. Bettina Experton, President and CEO, will be demonstrating Humetrix’s patented “mobile HIE technology” and showing the impact it can have on containing healthcare costs during a “Making Healthcare Cheaper” session on March 22 at 4 pm.

“In an environment where escalating health care costs are creating severe fiscal challenges from individual states to the federal government, there has never been a more immediate need for health information technology (HIT) to deliver on the promise of enabling more cost-effective healthcare,” says Dr. Experton. The urgency and widespread nature of the fiscal challenges we face means we cannot wait for the interoperable EMRs and country-wide deployment of HIEs for the vast majority of physicians to seamlessly exchange patient health information.

This is especially true at a time when the ongoing sustainability of HIEs is challenged by already strained state budgets and medical practices that face uncertain or declining public and private payor reimbursements.

Additionally, a critical missing component of existing HIE solutions is their ability to provide physicians with an immediate and practical way of accessing their patients’ current medical information, regardless of where the patient presents for careor where they last received care.

“Humetrix mobile HIE technology provides this immediate and practical HIT connectivity solution now, our technology can help every physician directly access key clinical and health plan benefit information on their patient anytime and anywhere - whether that patient is covered by a State Medicaid plan or a Federal program (e.g., Medicare, TRICARE or VA) enabling optimum care during every encounter,”says Experton.

Capitalizing on the use of ubiquitous and scalable mobile devices, with no software installation or system integration required at the point of care, Humetrix solutions allow physicians immediate and secure access and exchange of their patients’ EHRs from any location in a practical and convenient way. Whether a patient is seen in a private physician’s office, a community clinic, or in the Emergency Department, the Humetrix powered mobile device, in the hands of, and controlled by, the patient gives any physician immediate access to his patient’s most current health information, in the least disruptive manner.

The Humetrix patient held device(whether in the form of a USB health insurance card or a payor-issued smart phone app),when presented at the point of care, directly points (by an automatic “push” or “pull”) to a patient’s single or multiple EHRs, their outpatient encounter summary and hospital discharge summary record locators.

As easy to use as an ATM card, and modeled on the Humetrix online banking mobile solutions deployed worldwide, the Humetrix mobile HIT solutions are lightweight tools which serve as “mobile HIE” solutions or “portable, virtual electronic medical homes.”

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