Humetrix CEO invited to present: “At the Crossroads of National Policy & mHealth" with
iBlueButton® at the mHealth Summit 2011 in Washington, D.C.

San Diego, CA– October 24, 2011– Humetrix is pleased to announce that its President & CEO, Dr. Bettina Experton, will be one of the featured speakers at the mHealth Summit to be held December 5 - 7, 2011 in Washington,D.C. Dr. Experton will give her mHealth Summit presentation at the session entitled “Short-term Strategies for Fragmentation: Overcoming Interoperability Challenges Today”at 11:15am on Tuesday, December 6, 2011.

Dr. Experton’s presentation will focus on the critical role mobile technology can now play to overcome the cost and quality of care issues linked to the discontinuity of care provided in disparate health care settings using non interoperable health care IT systems. During her address to the mHealth Summit, Dr. Experton will demonstrate how mobile devices in the hands of patients and physicians using Humetrix “Mobile Health Information Exchange™” smart phone and tablet apps, can easily access and exchange up to date health information anytime and anywhere.

Specifically, Dr. Experton will demonstrate the use of the Humetrix iBlueButton®1 apps to automatically access and exchange Blue Button® records, the standardized health summaries which can now be directly downloaded from web portals which have adopted the new Federal “Blue Button” initiative.

On August 2, 2010, President Obama announced the Blue Button initiative to allow Veterans, Medicare and TRICARE beneficiaries to easily download their health records from government patient portals, giving them control of their health information and the ability to share it with their health care providers anytime and anywhere. The Blue Button Federal Initiative was then placed on a fast track and as of today more than 600,000 Americans have downloaded their Blue Button health records which can also include labs and test results following a Federal Government policy and drive of “Putting the I in healthcare IT” announced by Secretary Sebelius at the Consumer Health IT Summit on September 12, 2011.

On that day and just a year after President Obama’s announcement of the Blue Button initiative, more than 60 private organizations pledged to adopt Blue Button. Whether Americans are enrolled in an Aetna Medicare Advantage or commercial plan, receive care at Cleveland Clinic, Partners HealthCare, or are Walgreens pharmacies customers for instance, their Blue Button health summaries will now be directly accessible to them.

To make the standardized Blue Button records of meaningful value for patient care these records need to be accessed in real time and in the most practical way by the health care provider a patient may visit anywhere and at anytime. Only mobile technology in the patient’s and provider’s hands can deliver this immediate, practical Blue Button record access solution and Humetrix has delivered it with its iBlueButton patient phone and iBlueButton Pro provider tablet apps offered to public and private payors and large health care provider systems.

With iBlueButton, Humetrix patented mobile technology uniquely combines the ease of use of the Blue Button download functionality with the anywhere e-record access capability of mobile devices under the direct control of the mobile device user. This combined mobile Blue Button functionality can be of tremendous value as in the example of Veterans or TRICARE beneficiaries who more than often receive care in multiple settings outside VA or Military Health Services (MHS) facilities, and who - for optimal care coordination - need to share their VA or TRICARE or non-VA or non-TRICARE Blue Button records where they access care outside the VA or MHS systems.

The Humetrix iBlue Button apps leverage and optimize the Blue Button initiative, in extending the Blue Button download to mobile devices at the very time when the VA is now allowing the use of a variety of mobile devices for VA clinicians to access clinical information, and at a time when over 40% of physicians across the country are using iPads.

Humetrix’s patented technology using automated “push” technology with wireless devices (smart phones and tablets) or automated “pull” technology with the use of USB-based applications, enables optimal care coordination and patient control over their personal health information. As proposed by Humetrix for use by Veterans, but applicable to all Americans, iBlue Button type of mHealth applications combining both Blue Button and mobile technologies, offer immediately implementable low cost solutions to improved care coordination which will result in overall improved quality and lower cost health care for all.

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